Active Communities

Our Active Communities programme supports around 10,000 people a year to get active to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Keeping active brings many benefits for your physical and mental health, especially important at the moment. We have adapted to ensure that we continue to provide support and activities in a variety of ways that keeps everyone safe.  We offer a range of online, phone and in person programmes. There’s more information on our programmes below and you can also get in touch with us by emailing or calling 0131 458 2260.

You can find information on the latest COVID-19 updates here or on Ask Us.

Being active is key to enjoying a healthy lifestyle and achieving more in your day to day. It doesn’t need to be much, even the simplest of changes can lead to big results. As a charity, Edinburgh Leisure is on a mission to help people lead more active, healthy lives and we can help you to do just that. Our Active Communities team offer many different options, along with dedicated health and wellbeing programmes which can help you get started, no matter what age you are or what your current activity levels are like. We’re here to support you.

We were all born to move in one way or another. Whether you’re looking to try out a low-intensity fitness class, swim, dance, walk, cycle or even garden, you can get active, stay active and achieve more with us. We believe in the power of physical activity and its ability to help improve people’s lives. With friendly advice, specialist programmes and facilities all over Edinburgh, together we can live healthier, more active lives. 

Find out how our programmes can help you, no matter what your activity levels are. 

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If you've not been active in a while or are looking for a gentle re-introduction, then our programmes are here to help. Join in as much or as little as you want, build confidence, improve your mood and, most importantly, have fun in a relaxed and sociable environment. 

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Our programmes can help you lead healthier, happier, more active lives, and combat the effects of inactivity and inequalities.

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Volunteer with us

Volunteers are the backbone of our Active Communities programme. Find out how you can get involved and make a difference. 

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If you've not been active in a while or are looking for a gentle reintroduction, then our programmes are here to help. Join in as much or as little as you want, build confidence, improve your mood and, most importantly, have fun in a relaxed and sociable environment. 

Get Active

Our Get Active classes are offer a range of low-level physical activities, which offer a sociable way for inactive people to get active and stay active in a fun and friendly environment. 

Open All Hours

Open All Hours takes place in Edinburgh Leisure facilities across the city, offering teenagers the chance to get active, make friends and have fun on Friday evenings for just £1.

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Ageing Well

Through Ageing Well, we encourage healthy and sociable lifestyles in later life by keeping older adults active, offering a range of low-cost activities led by friendly trained volunteers.

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Female Only/BME Swimming 

We provide opportunities for women to enjoy the benefits of swimming in a female only environment.  A fun and sociable way for women from all cultures to get active and stay active in a safe and friendly environment.

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£10 Get Active Card 

Our £10 monthly Get Active Pass supports people living on a very low income and in receipt of certain benefits (e.g. Universal Credit).  The £10 Get Active Pass offers low cost access to the gym, swimming and group fitness classes at off-peak times (off-peak times are opening until 4pm).

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Activities for People with Additional Support Needs

We provide opportunities, information and support to enable people with disabilities or additional support needs to get active.

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Carer Access Card 

Our free Carer Access Card is designed so that carers can book in alongside the person they care for, so they can provide functional support at any of our venues. 

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We can help you to use physical activity to combat a health condition or inequality you are facing. Find out more about our programmes which can help you do this below. 

Steady Steps

Our Steady Steps programme helps support adults who have had or may be at risk of having a fall, helping to build their strength and mobility. 

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Healthy Active Minds

Our dedicated programme supports people living with mental health conditions, such as depression, stress or anxiety to be active and live well.

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Get Going

Our Get Going programme helps children and their families to get active, eat well and achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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Get Moving

We provide a 12-week programme, helping  adults to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through education sessions and physical activity.

Fit For Health

We support people living with long-term health conditions (including cancer) to better manage their condition and live better through physical activity.

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Movement For Memories

Our Movement for Memories project supports people living with early, early on-set and mild to moderate dementia to be active. This includes activities such as swimming, gym sessions, golf, tennis and fitness classes.  

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Community Access Programme

Our Community Access programme supports community groups across Edinburgh, helping people experiencing inequalities to get active.

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Looked After and Active

We harness the power of physical activity and sport to improve the lives of care-experienced children and young people. The project focuses on providing the additional support they need to see the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

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You Can

Our You Can project supports inactive care experienced young people aged 14-26 to lead more active, healthy lives. The project provides one to one motivational support and opportunities to be active, through a range of fun and sociable activities. 

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Active Mums

Our Active Mums programme supports mums living on a low income to get active, connect with other mums in their community and improve the health and wellbeing of their children, and themselves.

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Do you want to get more involved in delivering Active Communities programmes? We have a range of opportunities including volunteering, student placement and coaching qualification programmes where you can both make a difference and develop yourself.

Positive Destinations

Positive Destinations is a programme which can help young people Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) to get ready for the job market, supporting personal development and increasing motivation.


Volunteers are at the heart of our Active Communities programmes and we couldn't do what we do without their support. Find out how to get involved and volunteer with us below.

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We conduct placements in Edinburgh Leisure venues across the city, helping to give our volunteers invaluable experience in the sport and leisure industry.

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